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That tree stump in your yard – wish it was gone?

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Got Old Tree Troubles?

When you have a little lawn trouble, you’re in luck because there is a helpful service near you.

When you decide you want to get it handled, your work date can generally be arranged pretty soon.

Affordable Tree Stump Grinding Service

If it’s time to get the process started, it’s not hard to do.

You pick the date that works for you. Your landscape contractor does the rest.

Almost all jobs are done entirely in one day.

Grinding Versus Removal – What’s the Difference?

Most local stumps will be handled with a big grinding machine.

Some difficult situations call for a different removal process.

Grinding is the process of using a machine with a sharp blade and slowly dicing the tree and roots until it’s cut down to a pile of chips.

In some cases, a grinder can’t reach all the roots.

Some old trees have roots which extend underneath a structure or sidewalk.

These roots may be getting in the way of underground pipes or they might be pushing up a section of concrete or asphalt.

Getting those old extended roots out is really a manual process completed by one or two people.

These jobs are more complicated to do and they take longer too.

Tree Stump Removal Cost

Wondering what companies charge for this around here?

The biggest cost factor is the length of time the work will take to finish.

Project duration is mostly dependent on the diameter of the stump and its roots.

The base diameter will be the leading factor, yet it might not be the only one.

In some situations, the position of the fallen tree or the roots determines the length of time the project will take.

Most fallen trees are in the middle of a yard and can be cut out by using a grinder.

Others have grown in a congested spot and their roots have grown into spots they shouldn’t be in.

Sometimes, the age of the tree is important too.

A tree which has just been cut down, or one that has just come down is going to take longer to chop up than an old one that has already decayed a little.

A Good Stump Grinder Near You

Some jobs are performed by specialists who’s only business is cutting out old trees.

But many of these jobs are also dealt with by landscaping companies.

These services have crews that are experienced in getting rid of anything you want removed.

Both types of service companies will resolve your problem.

What You Can Expect to Take Place

First, your specialist has to find a way to put their grinder into position.

Then he starts it up and methodically begins to chip away at the remaining trunk and roots.

It takes a while to grind the trunk and exposed roots up. It’s a slow process.

When your crew is finished, you’ll see a pile of fresh wood chips where your tree once stood.

Obstacles can arise, but the process normally goes okay.

What Do Stump Removers Usually Like to Know About Your Project?

  • Is there anything next to it – like a house or a fence?
  • Has the tree been down for a long time or newly fallen or cut?
  • How wide is this stump and its roots?
  • Is it on a hill?
  • Will it be hard to roll a machine next to it?
  • Are there problem roots extending under a sidewalk or street?

During a brief phone call, you can explain your situation, receive a friendly advice and a price quote.

Could I Do It Myself?

If you’re thinking about trying to do it yourself, a yard equipment rental store can show you a grinder you can rent for the day.

Some ambitious homeowners may try to do it by themselves if their old tree wasn’t very big and it’s not hard to get a rented machine up next to it.

But if your job was once a substantial tree, or it’s on a slope or hill, maybe you should not try doing it. Leave it to someone else.

If you decide to rent a machine – be careful. Figure out how it works and move slow.

Don’t hurry and don’t try anything you don’t feel confident in doing.

Are There Other Options?

Although they don’t work immediately, there are chemicals you can apply which will help rot a dead tree trunk.

It requires the right patience, the right chemicals and a long drill bit to make the holes to pour the liquids in.

You hope the chemical will eventually weaken the trunk enough that you could bust it up with an axe.

Farmers used to burn down stumps. Nowadays, you won’t see it take place too much.

Most suburban homeowners won’t consider burning as being a good option.

Manageable Appointments in Many Neighborhoods

It’s not hard to get a cost quote for what you need undertaken.

You have flexibility for when you schedule your job.

Get someone who can help to your home when it’s convenient for you.

Wondering Who to Speak With?

Your problem begins to get fixed once you make a brief call.

If you’re prepared to get the job started, you could set up a day now.

Start today to get it dealt with.



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