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The Difference Between Removal and Grinding

Most jobs will be grinding jobs.

Stump grinders are machines which can make thousands of tiny slices into an old tree and the roots.

But a grinding machine can’t reach the roots of an old tree which have grown underneath a sidewalk or building and are creating a problem.

Extracting these types of roots often ends up being a primarily manual process using hand tools.

Taking these roots taken out takes more time and will be a more difficult job to do.

Tree Stump Grinding or Removal Cost Near Chula Vista

Want to find out how much it will cost?

The biggest pricing issue is the length of time the work will take to complete.

The diameter of the trunk and roots of the tree is usually what determines how long the project is going to take.

The base diameter will be the key factor, yet it might not be the only one.

Most projects are easy to offer an estimate for, but the trickier cases call for a little more information.

If a stump removal requires only a grinder, it will get carried out pretty quickly.

But if it needs extra work, that could really increase the amount of time it requires to get completed.

A really old trunk is usually the simplest type to work on.

A tree that has just been chopped down or simply fallen down, particularly if it’s still somewhat attached to the roots, are harder to do.

Find an Experienced North Chula Vista Stump Grinder

Many of the stump elimination jobs carried out in this area are done by people who somewhat specialize in doing it.

The remaining jobs are handled by landscaping services who do this along with other lawn duties.

Either way, you will get your circumstances dealt with.

How Will This Process Work?

Your contractor will start by getting his machine into place.

Once it’s ready, they will use it to start slicing away at the visible roots and trunk.

It’s not a fast process. It takes a while to properly chip away at a hard trunk.

But it will eventually end when your tree has been reduced to a big pile of wood chips.

Most jobs result in a shallow hole, so you might want to add in some new dirt to fill it up.

What Your Contractor May Ask You

  • Is it next to something – like a fence or building?
  • Is the tree old or has it just been taken down?
  • What is the size of the stump?
  • Is it on level ground?
  • Will it be hard to roll a machine next to it?
  • Does it have roots that extend under a sidewalk or patio?

These six concerns are factors local tree experts sometimes consider to come up with their expense estimates.

What If I Want To Try Doing It?

Some local outdoor equipment rental companies will rent you a grinder if you would like to try it yourself.

Some ambitious homeowners will try to do it by themselves if their old tree wasn’t that big and it would be easy to move a rented machine up close to it.

But a big tree, or one on a slope, ought to be left to someone who has the experience and training to do it.

Remember, you do not have to do it on your own.

If you’re having any second thoughts about renting a grinder and doing it yourself, maybe it would be better if you don’t do it.

Could There Be Another Option I Could Try Instead?

There are chemicals that will soften up a dead tree over time. They don’t work too fast though.

If you have the patience to wait for it to work, you can buy the chemicals and carefully pour them into deep holes which you drill into the trunk.

If the solution works, you should be able to some day break up areas of it with an axe as it rots.

Tall standing trunks are going to take several applications.

Before they made tree grinders, farmers would burn up their stumps.

It works, but it isn’t very practical these days.

These days, homeowners in suburbs around here don’t have much of an interest in working on their old tree and having it smoulder for a day or more.

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