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When you need a little help eliminating an old cut or fallen tree, you can talk with an experienced contractor who will give you some advice and set up a day to take it out.

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When you’re ready to get started, it’s not hard to do.

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Distinction Between Removal & Grinding

Stumps and their roots can be taken out or ground up.

The grinding process uses a machine to thoroughly chop up an old tree and its roots into small wood chips.

Some situations are harder.

Sometimes old trees have developed long roots which stretch under a building or walkway.

They could be pushing up sidewalks or disturbing water lines.

Those roots need to come out.

Much of the work is in a spot where a big machine can’t help, so it ends up being a largely manual operation.

These jobs are slower and many times more difficult to do.

Cost of Tree Stump Removal Near El Monte

Wondering how much this could cost?

Job duration is usually the primary price issue. Quick jobs are cheaper than long ones.

The primary consideration in how long a job takes is the diameter of the trunk.

There could be other factors too.

For example, you may have more than one tree you would like worked on.

Most projects are straightforward, but some get a little complicated.

Many cut trees can be extracted with only the use of a big grinder, but tricky situations require using hand tools and a certain amount of manual labor.

Really old trunks are easier to chip up than a newly cut tree.

And trees which have fallen but are still somewhat in the ground are harder still.

A Reliable Rosemead Stump Grinder

Some of these jobs are carried out by small local companies who do almost nothing else but extract fallen or cut trees.

The other jobs are addressed by lawn services who do all the other landscaping tasks too.

Your yard will get dealt with whichever way you choose to go.

What is This Procedure Like?

Your specialist or crew member has to position their machine next to the old stump you want taken out.

They start it up and use it to progressively chip away at the remaining trunk and the exposed roots.

Just how long it takes will depend on the dimensions of the trunk and the size of the roots.

But it always takes a little while to finish.

When it’s all done, you’ll be the owner of a mound of wood chips.

You will likely have a shallow hole once it’s done.

You can expect to need some fill soil to finish the process.

Your East San Gabriel Valley Tree Service Wants to Know This:

  • Has it been there for a while or newly fallen?
  • Is the ground around it level?
  • Is it up against something – like a fence or building?
  • Will it be easy to get to?
  • What is the size of the stump?
  • Are there any roots that go under a sidewalk or driveway?

Once your tree service has found out your situation, they’ll supply you with a reasonable cost estimate.

Should the Typical Homeowner Try Doing This?

If you’re interested in trying to do it yourself, a yard equipment rental store could show you a grinder you could rent for the day.

If your job looks easy – if it’s the remains of a small tree in the center of your lawn – maybe it won’t be difficult.

However, if your old tree and its roots are situated on a slope, or it’s really large, you should just speak to an experienced person.

There is some risk involved with this operation.

The cutter is extremely sharp and spins quickly. Bits of bark, root and earth can get projected around. Be careful.

Is There Any Other Option of Getting This Done?

You may use a chemical that will gradually soften up a cut tree.

If you aren’t in a hurry, it could be good enough.

If you have a long drill bit, the right chemicals and a lot of patience, you might have success with this technique.

Your goal is to help it to rot to the point where it’s one day pliable enough to break apart with an axe or spade.

You generally have to wait quite a while for it to work.

If your home is out in the country and you want to do it, you might be able to get away with burning yours.

These days, property owners in suburbs around here don’t have an interest in taking their old tree and having it burn for a day or so.

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