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Need to take out an old stump from your yard?

Maybe you shouldn’t try doing it by yourself.

Maybe it’s time to get someone to drive over and deal with it.

Old Tree Removal Service Needed in East Bellevue

If you are having some problem with an old tree, a good place to start is with speaking with a specialist in your area.

When you decide you want to have it dealt with, your work date can generally be arranged pretty soon.

Affordable Kirkland Stump Grinding

If you have an old fallen or dead tree that’s messing up your yard, you can easily do something about it.

Your tree expert will deal with the entire job. You just need to choose which day works best for you.

Most of these jobs in the King County area are finished in a single visit.

Removal or Grinding – Is There a Difference?

Stumps can be taken out through grinding or removal.

In most instances, a grinding machine will be used to steadily chip away at the remains of an old tree. It will get the job done.

But in a few cases, roots have pushed their way under a walkway or driveway and they can’t be reached with just a grinder.

Yanking those roots out is a tricky job, so it often winds up being done with hand tools instead of a machine.

Unfortunately, this will be a longer and slower task to get done.

Stump Grinding Cost Near Kirkland

Are you curious or concerned about the typical cost?

The chief price issue is how long it takes.

Jobs which take a whole day will cost more than ones that take just two hours.

Project time is mostly dependent upon the diameter of the remaining stump and its roots.

The base diameter is usually the leading factor, but it isn’t always the only one.

For more challenging projects, additional challenges will have to be factored in the cost.

Most old fallen trees just require a grinder; others have considerable roots that need extra labor.

A recently fallen tree, especially when it is still partly attached to the trunk, also will take more time and effort.

An Experienced Highlands Stump Grinder

Some of these jobs are done by small local companies that do nothing but take out fallen or cut trees.

But a lot of other jobs are done by landscaping companies who can take care of a variety of yard issues or circumstances.

Either type of professional will take care of your circumstances.

How Does This Usually Work?

Your specialist will position their grinder beside your stump and start it up.

They will use it to slowly chip away at both the remaining trunk and root areas.

The process is going to require some time.

When it’s done, you will see a pile of wood chips where your old tree once was.

You will likely have a shallow indentation once it is finished.

You might get a little fill soil to complete the process.

Experienced Landscapers Want to Know These Things

  • Is it hard to get to?
  • Has it been there for a while or has it just been taken down?
  • Does it have roots which go under a driveway or sidewalk?
  • Is it on a hill?
  • How wide is this stump and its roots?
  • Is there anything right next to it – like a fence or building structure?

If you can explain your lawn situation on the phone, you will be able to get a little advice and a decent estimate.

Should I Try it By Myself?

There are lawn equipment rental companies around town who will rent you a grinder for a day or two.

If your object is just a small trunk in a flat spot, it’s possible you could do it on your own.

But if it was a big tree at one point, or it’s on an uneven area, maybe you should leave it for someone else.

If you’re going to rent a grinder, make sure you understand how it functions.

Stay clear of the cutting area and use eye protection.

Are There Chemicals I Could Try Instead?

There are chemicals that will soften up a dead tree over time. They don’t work too fast though.

You will need to drill several deep holes into your old trunk.

You then pour the chemical in and forget about the situation for some time.

If the solution works, you’ll be able to one day split areas of it with your axe as it weakens.

Tall standing trunks will require several applications.

If you live way out by yourself, you might still try burning it up.

It will take quite a while and you need to be careful.

Most urban property owners in communities such as Totem Lake won’t consider burning as being a great option.

Services in Your Part of East Bellevue

Your local landscaping pro is there to get you an estimate on your job.

Service appointments are available in the nearby neighborhoods including Highlands or Totem Lake.

Where Do I Begin?

A friendly technician is ready when you are.

A few minutes on the phone will get your questions answered.

It’s easy – just make a call.


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