Mercer Island Stump Removal

Is there a tree stump in your yard you want removed?

Wish you knew someone who could take it out for you?

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A Washington Landscaping Company Will Help

When you have a friendly lawn trouble, you’re in luck because there’s a friendly service near you.

Once they have it done, your yard is gonna look a whole lot better.

Affordable Mercer Island Tree Stump Grinding Service

It’s simple to get started once you make up your mind to do it.

Once you elect to get it done, you just need to decide on the day.

Your crew or specialist handles all the rest of it.

While a handful of complicated jobs take longer than one day, most are completed in about a couple of hours.

Grind It Up or Remove It

Tree stumps and their roots can be taken out or ground up.

The grinding method uses a machine to make thousands of little cuts into the old tree and its roots until it is nothing but a pile of wood chips.

But in some cases, roots have pushed their way under a driveway or walkway and they can’t be reached with just a grinder.

Removing the problem pieces of these roots is mostly a manual job.

These kind of projects take longer and are hard to do.

Cost of Stump Grinding or Removal on Mercer Island

Maybe it’s time for an estimate.

Price varies from one job to the next, but the major factor in cost is how much time the work will take to do.

And the leading issue for determining how long the project will take is the size of the remaining stump.

More specifically, the diameter of the trunk and the roots.

There can be other variables too. Once in a while, a stump is next to some underground water or gas supply lines.

In some yards, the old tree is in a tough spot, making it more complicated to work on.

A tree with substantial roots in a tricky area may require a lot of physical labor and take long to finish.

Smaller ones in an easy to get to place get done faster.

Sometimes, the age of the tree is important too.

A tree that has recently been chopped down, or one that has just fallen down is going to take longer to cut up than an old dry one which has already decayed some.

A Good and Helpful Stump Grinder

A large portion of the stump elimination projects that get carried out in our area are performed by companies or individuals that concentrate exclusively on these jobs.

And the remaining jobs are completed by local landscapers who can work on a variety of other yard issues.

Both types of service companies can take care of your problem.

How is a Cut Tree Extracted?

Your contractor will begin by moving his grinder into place.

Once he’s all set, he will use it to start slicing away at the remaining roots and trunk.

It’s a rather slow process. It takes some time to complete.

But when it’s over, your tree is changed into a nice pile of chips.

You might have a shallow indentation once it’s done.

You can expect to need some new soil to finish the process.

Questions Your Potential Professional Could Ask You

  • Is there anything next to it – like a house or some utility lines?
  • Has the tree been down for a while or newly fallen?
  • How big is this stump?
  • Is it on a hill?
  • Will it be hard to get a machine up to it?
  • Are there some roots that go beneath a sidewalk or street?

These six concerns can be factors local tree stump experts sometimes use when arriving at their expense estimates.

Should You Rent a Grinder and Do It Yourself?

If you want to try doing the work by yourself, you can rent a machine from an equipment rental place.

If your stump isn’t too big, and it is in a nice level spot, and you want to try working on it yourself, why not?

But if your project was once a substantial tree, or it’s sitting on a hill or slope, maybe you shouldn’t try it. Leave it to somebody else.

Operating a rented machine is not without some risk.

They are intended to cut stuff up, so be cautious when you’re operating yours.

What About Using Chemicals or Fire?

If you aren’t in a hurry, you can put chemicals on your old tree trunk which will soften it up.

You need to take your longest drill bit and make several holes around the trunk area. You drip in the liquid and wait.

If it all works out well, at some point that old tree will become somewhat softer so you can start splitting it up with your axe.

It will take a long time to see results.

Farmers used to burn up stumps. These days, you won’t see it happen too often.

Most suburban homeowners aren’t in a situation where they can try this.

It just isn’t a great option for them.

Local WA Homeowners – Call for Info and a Quote

Once you determine you want the remains of your old tree extracted, you can get a quote.

If it sounds okay, you then just determine when you want it to happen.

Wondering Who to Contact in King County?

The next step is easy – just make the call.

When you call, you can ask questions. You can hear a little advice too.

You choose if you want to go ahead with it.

Ready when you are.


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