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Professional Yard Assistance in South Seattle Suburbs

When you are having some problem with an old tree, a good place to begin is with speaking with a specialist in the Southcenter Mall area.

From a simple grinding project to a tough removal, they will get it done.

Affordable Tukwila Tree Stump Grinding Service

If you are ready to get your lawn cleaned up, your local company is ready to help.

Your tree expert will deal with the entire job. You just pick which day works best for you.

Your Western Washington professional typically has the job finished in one visit.

Remove It or Grind It

Cut or fallen trees with extensive roots sometimes need to be pulled out, but most are simply chopped up where they are.

The grinding process uses a machine to make countless little cuts into the old tree and its roots until it is nothing left but a heap of wood chips.

But in certain cases, roots have forced their way under a driveway or walkway and they can’t be accessed with just a grinder.

Yanking those old roots out is really a manual process completed by one or two people.

Unfortunately, this will be a longer and slower job to get done.

Tukwila Stump Removal or Grinding Cost

Wondering what companies charge for this kind of job around the south side of Seattle?

The main price component is how long it takes.

Projects which take a full day will be more than ones that take two hours.

The size and location of the roots and the trunk generally determine how long it will take.

Tree dimension might not be the only variable. The position of the old tree may be important.

In some yards, the old tree is in a bad spot, making it harder to work on.

Reasonable sized trees that aren’t wrapped around anything are usually handled with just a grinding machine.

But old trees with difficult root systems require a more difficult technique.

Your contractor might need to include these extra factors into your cost estimate.

An Affordable Stump Grinder

A substantial portion of these jobs in our state are addressed by small companies who specialize in doing it almost exclusively.

But some homeowners call general landscaping services to do the job.

Their work teams have the experience to get it done too.

Regardless of who you call, you can get your situation resolved.

What You Might Expect at Your Property

Your hired company will move their machine into place and the operator will use it to methodically chip away at the visible trunk area and the roots.

The process takes a while.

In the end, you will have a pile of wood chips close to where the tree used to be.

At the end, there will commonly be a depression where the tree used to stand.

You may need some new soil.

WA Tree Services Like to Know These Details

  • How wide is this stump and its roots?
  • Are there any roots which are going beneath a sidewalk or street?
  • Can I get my machine up to it easily?
  • Has it been there for a while or recently fallen?
  • Is there something right next to it – like a house or some utility lines?
  • Is it on a slope?

If you can describe your lawn situation on the phone, you should be able to get some advice and a decent quote.

Should I Try it Myself?

One or two nearby outdoor equipment rental companies will rent you a grinder if you want to try it yourself.

If you have just a small stump you want to get rid of, maybe you could handle it alright.

But a big tree, or one sitting on a slope, should be left to somebody who has the training and experience to do it.

There is a little risk involved here.

The cutting wheel is seriously sharp and spins rapidly.

Pieces of bark, root and earth can be projected through the air. Be careful.

Could There Be Any Other Option of Doing This?

You may use a chemical which will slowly soften up a cut tree.

If you aren’t in a big hurry, it might work out fine.

You will have to drill deep holes in the trunk, pour the chemical solution in and then wait.

You will eventually attempt to cut it apart as it gets softer week by week.

A tall one will take numerous applications and more time to decay.

If you know what you are doing and you aren’t living around other folks, burning could still do the job.

Property owners in most neighborhoods of the city are not in a situation where they can have the roots of an old tree smolder for a day or more.

Why Not Call for an Appointment

A competent technician has the knowledge and equipment to help you out.

You only need to ask.

Seasoned contractors can clean up lawns around south King County, often near the Southcenter Mall.

Ready to Have it Handled?

You can get going with a simple phone call.

You can discuss it with someone who will take care of the entire process.

It’s simple – just make the call.


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