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Removing or Grinding

Some old stumps are in bad spots or they have complicated roots.

Most others can get resolved with a large grinder.

The grinding procedure uses a machine to systematically cut up an old tree and its roots into small chips.

But in some cases, roots have pushed their way under a driveway or walkway and they can’t be reached with a grinder.

Getting those old extended roots out is mostly a manual process done by one or two people.

Since these projects are more difficult and take longer, they are more expensive to have done.

Stump Removal Cost In Laurelhurst or Ravenna

Maybe it’s time for a quote.

Your contractor will base his or her price on how long your project should take.

And the key factor for determining how long the project will take is the size of the remaining stump.

To be more specific, the diameter of the trunk and its biggest roots.

Tree dimension isn’t always the only variable. The location of the old tree may be important too.

For a more complex removal job, cost mainly depends on how difficult it’s going to be to complete.

If a stump elimination requires only a grinder, it will get completed pretty quickly.

But if it requires additional work, that can increase the length of time it requires to get completed.

The age of the fallen tree might matter too.

A really old trunk is a lot easier to cut up than a tree which just fell.

If your tree is still somewhat in the ground, that makes it harder.

Help Near Bryant or Hawthorne Hills

Many of the extraction projects in this area are completed by folks who specialize in doing this type of work almost exclusively.

But a lot of jobs are instead done by landscaping companies.

These local services have crew members who have experience performing a variety of lawn related projects.

Your yard will get fixed by whoever you call.

The Standard Steps

Your professional positions their machine alongside your old tree and it slowly chips away at the trunk and the roots.

The process is going to require some time.

When it’s all over, you’ll see a pile of wood chips where your tree once was.

Once it’s eliminated, you’ll likely need to fill up the shallow indentation with some new dirt and some grass seed.

A Few Questions North Seattle Grinders Want to Know

  • What is the size of the stump?
  • Is it hard to get to?
  • Is there something right next to it – like a building or a utility pole?
  • Is it on level ground?
  • Is this a decaying tree or has it just been taken down?
  • Does it have long roots extending under a sidewalk or street?

Once they understand a bit more about your yard, they will give you a solid estimate.

Could the Typical Homeowner Try Doing This?

You can likely locate a rental company near Sand Point or Windermere that will rent you a grinder for the day.

If your stump is not too large, and it is in a nice level spot, and you want to try doing it yourself, why not?

But enormous stumps, significant roots, or any old tree which grew on a hill or slope, those projects are for the experienced remover.

There is some risk involved with this operation.

The cutting disk is seriously sharp and spins quickly.

Pieces of bark, root and earth can be projected through the air. Be careful.

Are There Any Other Options Besides Breaking it Up?

There are a couple of chemical solutions a homeowner could try which can help a dead tree trunk rot faster.

It requires the right patience, the proper liquids and a long drill bit to make the holes to pour the liquids in.

Ideally, these compounds will make your trunk weaker so that you can break it into strips with an axe.

If your stump is tall, you will need numerous applications to get it to rot.

Burning works, but you don’t see it performed much these days unless you’re in a rural area.

Around communities such as Wedgwood, burning usually isn’t a suitable alternative though.

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Fixing Your Yard

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