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Removing or Grinding in Multnomah County

Past trees with considerable roots sometimes need to be pulled out, but most are simply ground up where they stand.

Grinding is the process of using a mobile machine with a big blade and methodically dicing the tree and roots until it’s cut down to a pile of wood chips.

But a grinding machine can’t get to the roots of an old tree which have grown underneath a building or sidewalk and are creating a problem.

Those problem roots have to come out, but they are a more delicate project, typically done with hand tools.

These projects take more time and are hard to do.

Tree Stump Grinding or Removal Cost in Portland

Want to get an estimate?

When coming up with a job price quote, most contractors consider how long the project will take them to finish.

Project time is often determined by the diameter of the stump and its biggest roots.

Additional factors could come into play too. For example, you may have more than one tree you want taken out.

It’s not hard to give a quote for many projects.

But the more difficult projects require a little more info before giving a quote.

If a stump removal requires only a grinder, it will be finished pretty quickly.

But if it needs extra work, that can add on to the amount of time it requires to get finished.

Sometimes, the age of the tree matters too.

A tree that has just been chopped down, or one that has just come down is going to take longer to chop up than an old one that has already decayed a little.

An Experienced Powellhurst Stump Grinder for Your Project

Some jobs are performed by specialists who’s only business is removing old trees.

But many of these jobs are also taken care of by landscaping services.

These services have work crews that are experienced in taking out anything in your yard you want removed.

Either way – a specialist or a general landscaper – you get your issue taken care of.

What is This Procedure Like?

Your specialist places their grinder next to your old tree and it gradually chips away at the trunk and roots.

The process is going to take some time.

When it’s all over, you’ll see a nice mound of wood chips where your tree used to stand.

Once it’s gone, you’ll likely need to fill in the slight hole with some new dirt and a little grass seed.

Your Oregon Tree Service Wants to Know This

  • How large is this stump?
  • Does it have long roots that go beneath a sidewalk or patio?
  • Will it be hard to roll a machine next to it?
  • Is the tree old or recently fallen?
  • Is there anything next to it – like a fence or building?
  • Is it in a level area or a slope?

Each of these questions might impact the cost your contractor may charge.

Could the Average Homeowner Try Doing This?

If you would like to try doing the work yourself, you could rent a grinder from a Multnomah County equipment rental place.

Some ambitious homeowners will try to do it by themselves if their old tree wasn’t that big and it’s not hard to get a rental grinder up next to it.

But large stumps, substantial roots, or any tree which grew on a hillside or slope, those projects are for the experienced work crew.

If you’re planning to rent a grinder, be cautious.

The blade area is sharp and it can also propel pieces into the air.

Can You Burn it Up or Use Chemicals?

While they don’t work rapidly, there are chemicals you can apply which will help rot a dead tree trunk.

You need to take your longest drill bit and drill a number of holes around the trunk area. You drip in the liquid and then wait.

Ideally, these chemicals will make the trunk weaker so that you can split it into strips with an axe.

If your stump is tall, it may need a number of applications to get it to rot.

If you know what you are doing and you aren’t living around other folks, burning might still do the job.

Most local property owners, however, are not in a situation to use the burning strategy.

It’s just not a practical option for most.

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