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Old Tree Service Around the King County Area

If you are having some problem with an old tree, a good place to begin is by speaking with a specialist in the East Bellevue area.

A knowledgeable landscaping pro can get your circumstances taken care of.

Affordable Stump Grinding Service Near Redmond WA

If it’s time to take care of the remnants of that old dead or fallen tree. It’s not hard to get started.

All you have to do is choose the day. Your contractor will handle the rest.

Most jobs are very basic and get finished in just one short visit.

Grinding or Removal

Most local stumps can be handled with a grinder.

Some difficult situations demand a different removal process.

A powerful stump grinder turns an old tree into a mound of wood chips by progressively slicing away at it, piece by piece.

But some situations get more difficult.

Some old trees grow extensive roots which stretch under pavement or structures.

They might be interfering with underground water lines or pushing up walk ways.

Taking out the remainder of these roots is mostly a manual job.

Getting those roots out takes longer and it’s a more difficult project to do.

Stump Removal or Grinding Cost Near Redmond

Maybe it’s time for an estimate.

Short jobs are less costly than longer jobs.

Project time is often dependent on the diameter of the remaining stump and its roots.

There can be other variables too.

Maybe the stump is right close to some buried gas or water supply lines.

Most projects are pretty straightforward, but some of them get a little complicated.

Many trees can be extracted with only the use of a grinding machine, but complicated situations involve other hand tools and more manual labor.

Sometimes, the age of the tree matters too.

A tree which has just been chopped down, or one which has just fallen down will take longer to chop up than an old dry one which has already decayed some.

A Knowledgeable Bridle Trails Stump Grinder

There are two categories of companies who can remove your old tree.

First, there are specialists who do almost nothing but stump extraction.

But some jobs are also taken on by landscaping services.

These services have team members who have experience performing a variety of lawn related projects.

Regardless of who you contact, you will get your issue resolved.

How is a Fallen Tree Stump Taken Out?

Your expert or crew member has to locate their grinder next to the old stump you want removed.

They start it up and use it to slowly chip away at the remaining trunk and the top roots.

The process takes a while to complete.

In the end, you will have a pile of wood chips close to where the tree used to stand.

The procedure generally moves along alright, but sometimes problems arise.

What Your WA Contractor May Ask You

  • Has it been there for a while or has it just been taken down?
  • Is it situated on a slope?
  • Is there anything right next to it – like a house or a fence?
  • Will it be easy to get to?
  • How large is it?
  • Does it have long roots which are going beneath a sidewalk or street?

During a brief phone call, you could illustrate your situation, possibly receive a little advice and a price estimate.

Do I Need to Call a Professional To Do It?

You can likely find a good outdoor equipment company who will rent you a grinder for the day.

If the trunk you need to take out was once just a small tree, and it’s on a level spot, perhaps you can do it.

But when you’re looking at a substantial old trunk and some thick roots, that is probably better left to a trained crew.

If you decide to rent a grinder – be careful. Figure out how it works and move slow.

Don’t hurry and don’t attempt anything you don’t feel confident in doing.

Is There Another Way of Doing This?

You can try a chemical that will slowly soften up a cut tree.

If you aren’t in a rush, it might work out fine.

If you have the patience to wait for it to work, you could buy the chemicals and pour them into deep holes which you drill into the trunk.

Over a long period of time, these chemicals can weaken tree trunks up the level which you could more easily slice it apart.

Burning works, but you don’t see it performed too much anymore unless you’re in a rural area.

Most homeowners in suburbs around Bellevue aren’t much interested in using a burn method.

Book a Convenient Appointment

A local company can grind up and take out the remains of your old tree. You just have to ask.

Small work teams can be called to local yards around Union Hill, Novelty Hill or Bridle Trails.

Wondering Who to Talk With?

A friendly pro is ready when you are.

You can have your issue solved.

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