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If your lawn has a stump or some long roots that need to be taken out, you can speak with someone who does this kind of work for a living.

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Affordable Ballard Tree Stump Grinding Company

You don’t have to simply put up with an old fallen or dead tree, you can have the situation taken care of.

Your tree specialist will take care of the whole job.

You just need to pick which day works best for you.

It won’t matter if your job is large or small. They all get done right.

Grinding Versus Removal – What’s the Difference?

A grinder is the way most old stumps meet their maker.

The grinding process uses a machine to systematically chop up an old tree and its roots into little chips.

But in some instances, roots have forced their way under a driveway or walkway and they can’t be reached with just a grinder.

Digging those roots out is a tricky job, so it often winds up being done with hand tools rather than a machine.

These projects are much harder to do and they take more time too.

Cost of Tree Stump Removal In Ballard

Want to get an estimate?

The duration of the project is the primary cost factor. Lengthy jobs are higher in price than quick ones.

The big factor, naturally, is usually how big the old tree was.

The base diameter could be the key factor, but it isn’t always the only one.

For a more complex eradication job, cost mainly depends on how hard it will be to carry out.

Most fallen trees are in the center of a yard and can be handled by using a grinder.

But others have grown in a crowded spot and their roots have stretched into spots they shouldn’t have.

A very old tree can be less difficult than a tree that has just fallen.

And if the tree is still partially in the ground, then it’s more difficult still.

An Affordable Crown Hill Stump Grinder for Your Project

A large portion of these jobs are taken on by real small companies who are in the business of eliminating these old trees.

But a lot of jobs are also done by landscaping companies.

These local services have crew members who have experience doing a variety of yard related assignments.

Your yard will get fixed by whoever you decide to call.

How Does This Whole Process Work?

Your hired specialist will put their grinder in place and the operator will use it to systematically chip away at both the visible trunk area and the roots.

The process takes a while.

In the end, you will have a nice pile of wood chips near where the tree used to be.

Troubles might arise, but the process generally goes okay.

King County Tree Services Want to Know This

  • Is it on a hill?
  • Does it have long roots which go beneath a driveway or sidewalk?
  • Is it an old decaying tree or recently cut?
  • Is it next to something – like a building or a utility pole?
  • How wide is this stump and its roots?
  • Will it be easy to get to?

Once they find out about your situation, they can offer you a plan on how to get it dealt with.

Want To Try It Yourself?

You can likely find a Loyal Heights or Sunset Hill outdoor equipment company who will rent you a good grinder for the day.

Certain homeowners will attempt it by themselves as long as the old stump isn’t too big and it is not hard to get to.

But if you have a big old stump, or it’s on the side of a hill or right up to something, you should let a professional handle that.

Remember, you don’t have to do it yourself.

If you are having any second thoughts about renting a machine and doing it yourself, perhaps it might be better if you don’t do it.

What About Using Chemicals or Fire?

Although it is not a quick solution, you can apply certain chemicals which will slowly wear and weaken that old tree trunk.

You will drill big holes in the trunk, pour the chemicals in and then forget about it for a while.

Over a long time, these chemicals may soften tree trunks to the point which you could more easily shave it aside.

Some property owners still try the burning approach, but most people aren’t in a community where that’s practical to do.

Most homeowners in suburbs like Whittier Heights or Blue Ridge aren’t interested in using a burn method.

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