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Ready to eliminate that old stump in your lawn?

Wish you knew somebody who could take it out for you?

You can go over your situation with a local pro.

Service in Your Neighborhood North of Oakland

When you need some help removing an old cut or fallen tree, you can talk with an experienced specialist who can give you some advice and set up a time to get it out.

From a fairly easy grinding job to a tough removal, they will get it done.

Affordable Tree Stump Grinding Company in the East Bay

You don’t have to simply put up with an old fallen or dead tree, you can have the situation taken care of.

Once you elect to get it done, you just have to pick the day. Your crew or specialist handles all the rest of it.

All but the most complex projects are completed in one day.

Remove or Grind?

Most stumps are gotten rid of through a grinding process.

In most instances, a grinding machine will be used to steadily chew away at the remains of an old and unwanted tree. It gets the job done.

But in some cases, roots have forced their way under a walkway or driveway and they can’t be accessed with just a grinder.

Yanking those big roots out is a challenging job, so it often ends up being done with hand tools rather than a machine.

This kind of project will take your contractor more time to get done. It’s more difficult.

Cost of Tree Stump Removal Near Richmond CA

Wondering what these companies charge for this around far west Contra Costa County?

Estimates are based primarily on how much labor it will take to get the job done.

The biggest consideration in how much time a job is going to take is the size of the remaining trunk.

Other factors might be involved too. Sometimes where the tree was planted is just as important.

In some yards, the old tree is in a bad location, making it harder to work on.

Most cut trees are in the middle of a lawn and can be taken out by using a grinder.

But others have grown in a bad spot and their long roots have stretched into spots they shouldn’t be in.

A really old tree is often easier than one that has recently fallen.

And if the tree remains somewhat in the ground, then it is more difficult still.

Assistance Near El Cerrito and Kensington

There are two kinds of companies who can extract your old tree.

First, there are specialists who do almost nothing but stump elimination.

The remaining jobs are completed by landscaping services who do this type of job along with other yard duties.

Your yard will get dealt with whichever approach you decide to go.

How Does This Whole Process Work?

First, your crew has to find a way to put their machine into position. Then he starts it up and methodically begins to nick away at the remaining trunk and exposed roots.

Depending on the diameter of the trunk, the whole procedure will take some time to finish.

It’s a slow-moving process. It does not finish too fast.

You will probably have a shallow hole once it is finished.

You might get a little fill soil to finish the process.

NorCal Tree Services Want to Know These Details

  • Has the tree been down for a long time or newly fallen or cut?
  • Is the ground around it level?
  • Is it next to something – like a fence or other structure?
  • Will it be easy to get to?
  • How large is this stump?
  • Are there long roots which extend beneath a driveway or sidewalk?

If you can describe your lawn situation on the phone, you will be able to get some advice and a decent quote.

Maybe You Could Do It On Your Own

If you want to try doing it on your own, there should be an outdoor equipment rental store that will rent you a grinder. You just have to go get it and then do the work.

If your stump is not too big, and it’s in a pretty level spot, and you want to try doing it yourself, why not?

But if it was a major tree at one point, or it’s positioned on an uneven area, maybe you should leave it for someone else.

Any grinder can be dangerous. It’s sharp and powerful.

Only use it carefully.

Are There Other Options Besides Breaking it Up?

There are chemicals that will soften up a dead tree over time. They don’t work fast.

If you have the patience to wait for the results, you can purchase the chemicals and carefully pour them into long holes which you drill into the trunk.

If it all works out well, at some point that old tree will become a bit softer so you can start splitting it up with your axe.

It will take quite a while to rot.

Fire works, but you don’t see it done too much anymore unless you’re in a rural area.

Around locations north of Oakland, burning usually isn’t a suitable solution though.

An Appointment With a NorCal Professional

You can hear a price quote for what you need done.

You have flexibility for when you schedule your job.

Small work teams can be called to local yards near Kensington or El Cerrito.

Wondering Who to Talk To?

Wondering what the first step is? Just call.

You can discuss your options and set up a work appointment if you want to.

Someone’s right by the phone when you’re ready.

Yard Service Area Includes:

  • Richmond CA
  • Kensington CA
  • El Cerrito CA
  • Other nearby Contra Costa County neighborhoods

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