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Got an old tree stump in your yard? Eager to get rid of it?

Have you waited on having the work done? Ready to begin now?

Maybe it’s time to get someone to drive out and handle it.

Reputable Service in Your Suburb of Spokane County

When your lawn has remains of an old fallen or cut tree in it, you can receive some helpful advice from somebody who works in your neighborhood.

From a simple grinding job to a tough root removal, they can get it done.

Affordable Spokane Valley Tree Stump Grinding

Maybe it’s time to take care of the remains of that old fallen or cut tree. It’s easy to get started.

Schedule your job on the date which works best for you. Your specialist will take care of the rest.

Your specialist or small crew works quickly and efficiently. Most jobs are totally done in one day.

Remove It or Grind It Up

Most stumps and their roots are remedied by a machine grinding process.

A substantial stump grinder converts an old tree into a mound of wood chips by progressively slicing away at it, little by little.

In some cases, a grinder can’t get to all the roots.

Some old trees have roots which extend under a structure or sidewalk.

Those roots may be getting in the way of underground water lines or they might be raising a section of asphalt or concrete.

In order to remove these roots, it is usually done with small hand tools.

This can be a slow and more difficult job to do.

Cost of Stump Grinding In Spokane Valley

You may want to get a quote.

Your specialist will base their price on how long your project will take.

The big factor, naturally, is usually how big the old tree was.

Size might not be the only factor. Sometimes where it rests is just as important.

For a more difficult eradication project, cost mostly depends on how difficult it will be to complete.

Most old fallen trees just need a grinder; others have thick roots that need extra labor.

Sometimes, the age of the tree is important too.

A tree that has just been cut down, or one that has just come down will take longer to cut up than an old one that has already decayed a little.

A Professional Bemiss Stump Grinder

Many of these jobs are completed by small companies who are in the primary business of disposing of old stumps.

But many of the jobs are done by general landscaping companies who have crews that will take care of it for you.

Whichever approach you decide on will get your problem resolved.

The Typical Process

Your crew will start by getting their machine into place.

Once it’s ready, he will use it to begin slicing away at the residual roots and trunk.

It takes some time to grind the trunk and roots up. It’s a gradual process.

When your crew is finished, you’ll see a load of wood chips where your tree used to stand.

Most jobs result in a shallow pit, so you may choose to throw in some new soil to level it off.

Your WA Tree Service Wants to Know This

  • How easy will it be to get to?
  • Has the tree been down for a long time or has it just been taken down?
  • Are there roots that extend under a driveway or sidewalk?
  • Is the ground around it level?
  • How wide is the stump?
  • Is there something up against it – like a building or a fence?

When they understand a bit more about your yard, they will give you a reliable quote.

Should I Try it Myself?

If you want to try doing it yourself, you could rent a machine from a Lincoln Heights equipment rental store.

If you have a simple removal job, maybe you could try it.

But when you’re dealing with a large old trunk and some thick roots, that is probably better left to a specialist.

If you need to rent a grinder, make sure to understand how it functions.

Stay away from the blade area and use eye protection.

Are There Any Other Options?

You can buy a solution that can soften up a stump.

It can take several applications and some patience though.

You need to take your longest drill bit and drill numerous holes around the trunk area. You drip in the liquid and wait.

You hope the chemical solution will eventually soften the trunk enough that you could split it up with your axe.

If you live way out on your own, you can still try burning it up.

It will take a while and you have to be careful with it.

These days, homeowners in suburbs around here don’t have an interest in working on their old tree and making it burn for a day or so.

Set an Appointment for Your WA Lawn

Your local landscaper will take out just about anything in your yard which you don’t want there anymore.

You just need to ask. You can get a quote if you like.

Yards get worked on throughout the region including downtown, Geiger Heights, Liberty Lake, North Hill, Fairwood, Mead, Bemiss, Minnehaha Park, Fairwood, Lincoln Heights, Moran Prairie, Glenrose, Spokane Valley, Greenacres, Dishman, Millwood and over into Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls and other CDA neighborhoods close to the state line.

Why Not Make a Call?

You can start by having a quick talk with some experts in your area.

Call and hear some advice. Then you decide if you want to take care of it.

You’re going to like it when it’s all done.


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