San Bernardino Tree Stump Removal Services

Is there a tree stump in your yard you need removed?

Don’t attempt to do it yourself. Call someone who does this type of work for a living.

Speak with a local company to address it.

A Redlands Landscaping Company Will Help

When you have an old tree issue out in your yard, get some good advice from a local pro.

You will get the situation handled quick.

Affordable San Bernardino Stump Grinding Company

When you’re ready to get this done, it’s not hard to get a specialist over to your property.

All you need to do is select the date. Your contractor will handle the rest.

While a handful of challenging jobs take longer than one day, most are completed in about a couple of hours.

Remove It or Grind It Up

Most tree stumps and roots are addressed by a mechanical grinding process.

A stump grinder will steadily, systematically chip away at a stump until it has made it into a pile of wood chips.

There are occasions, however, when there are long roots which have extended under a sidewalk or building and are creating problems.

Removing the problem pieces of these roots is mostly a manual job.

This is often a slow and more difficult job to do.

The Cost to Remove a Stump In Redlands or Colton

It’s simple to get an estimate.

Costs are based primarily on how much labor it will take to get the job finished.

And how long it takes is mostly dependent on the dimensions of the tree and the roots.

Other factors might be involved though. The position of the old tree might be important.

In some lawns, the old dead or fallen tree is in a tough spot, making it more complicated to work on.

Many fallen trees can be removed with just the use of a big grinder, but complicated situations involve other hand tools and manual labor.

Really old trunks are easier to grind up than a recently cut tree.

And trees that have fallen but are somewhat in the ground are tougher still.

Qualified Stump Grinder Near Colton or San Bernardino

A good portion of these jobs are taken on by small companies who are in the business of cutting up these old trees.

The remaining jobs are completed by general landscaping businesses who do additional lawn jobs as well.

Either kind of company can help you out.

The Common Process

Your specialist will begin by getting his grinder into place.

Once he’s ready, he will use it to begin dicing away at the visible roots and trunk.

It doesn’t happen immediately. It should take some time to complete. When it’s all over, the remains of that tree have become a pile of soft wood chips.

You can keep the wood chips or have them taken away.

Southern California Stump Removers Prefer to Know

  • Is it on a slope or level ground?
  • Does it have roots that extend under a sidewalk or street?
  • Is the tree old or recently fallen?
  • Is there something up against it – like a house or a fence?
  • How big is it?
  • Will it be hard to roll a machine next to it?

Each of these questions might factor into what your service provider may charge for your job.

Do You Want to Do the Job?

Your local outdoor equipment rental companies will rent you a grinder if you would like to try it yourself.

If you like to do this type of thing and your situation doesn’t look too hard, maybe you could give it a try on your own.

However, if that old tree and its roots are on a slope, or it’s really large, you ought to just contact an experienced person.

There is a little risk involved here.

The cutting blade is tremendously sharp and turns quickly. Pieces of bark, root and soil can get projected around. Be careful.

Are There Any Other Options?

If you are patient, you can try some chemicals which will eventually soften a cut tree trunk if you use it properly and wait long enough.

You have to take your longest drill bit and drill numerous holes around the trunk area. You pour in the liquid and then wait.

Your goal is to help it to rot to the point where it’s one day pliable enough to break apart with an axe or spade.

You generally need to wait for many days for it to do any good.

Before they made tree grinders, farmers would burn down their stumps.

It works, but it isn’t too practical these days.

Most suburban homeowners in communities like Redlands won’t regard burning to be a great choice.

Local San Bernardino County Homeowners – Call for Details & Quote

Your local landscaping service can remove whatever you don’t want around your lawn.

You just need to make the appointment.

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Uncertain Who to Contact?

A short chat with a specialist in your area is the best place to begin.

You can talk it over with somebody who will handle the whole process.

Ready when you are.

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