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Quick and Affordable SeDo Tree Stump Grinding

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Grind It Up or Remove It

Some stumps have grown in bad locations or they have complicated roots.

But most others can get handled with a large grinding machine.

In most instances, a grinding machine will be used to gradually chew away at the remnants of an old tree. It will get the job done.

There are occasions, however, where there are long roots which have expanded under a building or sidewalk and are causing problems.

Pulling these old and long roots out is a job that relies on one or two people working mainly by hand.

These projects are slower to perform, require more time and usually cost more too.

Stump Grinding Cost In SeDo

Want to learn more about the common cost of this process?

Quick jobs are less expensive than longer jobs.

The size and location of the roots and the trunk typically determine how long it’s going to take.

The base diameter is usually the main factor, but it might not be the only one.

When a project looks more complicated, the fee will vary depending on how long it should take to complete.

Reasonable sized trees that aren’t wrapped around anything are frequently handled with only a grinder.

But older trees with difficult root systems require a more complicated approach.

Really old trunks are simpler to chip up than a newly cut tree.

And trees that have fallen but are still somewhat in the ground are tougher still.

A Dependable Western Washington Stump Grinder Can Help

A big portion of these jobs in our state are handled by small companies who specialize in doing it exclusively.

But a lot of jobs are instead taken on by landscaping companies.

These services have crew members who have experience conducting a variety of yard related assignments.

Both types of businesses can help you out.

This is How it Works

Your contractor will have to place their grinder alongside your stump.

They start the grinder up and systematically chip away.

It doesn’t transpire quickly. It will take a while to finish. When it’s all over, the remains of that tree have become a big pile of soft wood chips.

You can keep the wood chips or have them hauled away.

What Do Stump Removers Around Seattle Want to Know?

  • Is there anything right next to it – like a house or a fence?
  • Has the tree been down for a while or newly fallen or cut?
  • How big is it?
  • Is it in a level area or a slope?
  • Will I have trouble getting my grinder up to it?
  • Are there long roots which extend beneath a sidewalk or patio?

These six issues are factors local tree stump specialists sometimes consider when arriving at their cost estimates.

Could a Homeowner Do This?

If you’re thinking about wanting to do it yourself, a yard equipment rental store could show you a machine you can rent for the day.

If your project was once just a small tree, on a level spot and in an easily accessible area, maybe you could try it.

However, if your old tree and its roots are situated on a slope, or it’s really large, you should just bring in an experienced person.

If you are going to rent a grinder, be sure you have a good understanding how it works.

They can be dangerous. Be cautious.

What About Trying Chemicals or Fire?

You can use a chemical which can slowly soften up a fallen tree.

If you aren’t in a big hurry, it could work out fine.

You need to drill numerous deep holes around the trunk, pour in the chemical and then don’t think about it for a few weeks.

You are hoping the chemical solution will eventually weaken the trunk enough that you could bust it up with your axe.

Before they made tree grinders, farmers would burn up their stumps.

It still works, but it isn’t very practical these days.

Around locations like the Industrial District, burning normally isn’t a practical option though.

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