Stump Grinding Service Near San Jose

Finally ready to remove that old stump?

Don’t want to try doing it yourself?

Maybe it’s time to get someone to drive out and handle it.

Knowledgeable and Helpful Staff in the South Bay

You could talk with a helpful local company who can take care of the complete operation.

You should be able to arrange a work date in the near future on a day that works well for you.

Affordable Tree Stump Grinding Company Near San Jose

Once you make up your mind to do it, it’s not hard to get started.

You won’t have to do anything other than set the appointment. Your crew will do the rest.

Most projects are pretty straightforward and get finished in just one short visit.

Grind or Remove?

Most stumps can be handled with a grinding machine.

Some difficult cases require a different removal process.

In most cases, a grinding machine is used to systematically chip away at the remains of an old tree. It gets the job done.

But once in a while, long old roots have extended underneath a sidewalk or other structure. A grinder can’t be used on them.

Taking out the remainder of these roots is usually a manual job.

It’s slower and more difficult than a standard grinding project.

How Much is it to Remove a Stump In San Jose?

Don’t know how much this type of job costs around the South Bay?

The duration of the job is the central cost component. Lengthy jobs are higher in price than quick ones.

Completion duration is mostly determined by the diameter of the remaining stump and its roots.

There might be additional factors too.

Maybe the stump is next to some underground gas or water supply lines.

Most projects are simple to offer an estimate for, but the trickier cases call for a little more work.

Some roots demand plenty of physical labor to take out; Other old trees are easy to cut out with just a grinder.

A tree which has recently been blown down in a wind storm is often harder to chop up than a really old and dry stump is.

That’s particularly true if the tree is still partially standing.

Assistance Around NorCal

There are two categories of companies who can remove your old tree.

First, there are specialists who do nothing but stump removing.

The remaining jobs are done by landscaping services who do this type of job along with other yard tasks.

In either case, you can get your circumstances dealt with.

The Standard Steps

Your hired company will move their machine into place and the operator will use it to methodically chip away at the trunk area and the roots.

It’s not a fast process. It takes a while to properly chip away at a hard trunk.

But it will end eventually when your old tree has been diminished to a big pile of wood chips.

You might see a shallow hole once it is done.

You may get a little fill soil to finish the process.

Questions Your Professional May Ask You

  • Is the ground around it level?
  • Are there long roots which extend beneath a sidewalk or driveway?
  • Is it an old decaying tree or recently fallen?
  • Is there something right next to it – like a house or a fence?
  • How wide is the stump?
  • Will it be hard to roll a machine next to it?

Once they find out about your situation, they can offer you a plan on how to get it addressed.

Could I Do This Project By Myself?

If you want to try doing it yourself, there should be an outdoor equipment rental store near you that will rent you a grinder. You just need to pick it up and do the work.

If your project was once a small tree, on a flat spot and in an easy-to-get-to area, maybe you could try it.

On the other hand, if your tree was pretty big, or it’s hard to get a machine to, why don’t you leave it for someone else.

If you opt to rent a grinder – be careful. Learn how it works and move slow.

Take your time and don’t try anything you don’t feel comfortable with.

What About Using Chemicals or Fire?

There are a few chemical solutions a homeowner could try which can help a dead trunk decay faster.

You will need to drill numerous deep holes into your old trunk.

You then put the chemical in and forget about the situation for a while.

You will try to split apart your stump gradually as it eventually weakens and becomes softer.

You might have to repeat the process more than once.

Fire can work, but you don’t see it performed too much these days unless you’re in a rural area.

But for the majority of homeowners in areas of north Santa Clara County, it just isn’t a practical option.

An Appointment With a Local Pro

Once you decide you want the remains of your old tree taken away, you can get an estimate.

If it sounds okay, you can just choose when you want it to happen.

Get assistance if you live near downtown, Los Gatos, Berryessa, Evergreen, East San Jose, Santa Teresa, Cambrian Park, Willow Glen, Cambrian Park, Edenvale, West San Jose, North Valley, Silver Creek Valley, Fairgrounds, West Valley, Winchester, Robertsville, Seven Trees, Almaden Valley, Parker, Calero, Hidden Glen South, Alum Rock and Glider.

Service is available in the outer cities too – Milpitas, Cupertino, Saratoga, Campbell, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale.

Where Do I Begin?

Looking for someone to help you out?

You can have your issue resolved.

Appointments can be set up for your convenience.

There’s no time like right now.

Yard Service Available in These Locations:

  • Downtown and Buena Vista
  • Berryessa
  • Evergreen
  • East San Jose
  • Santa Teresa
  • Cambrian Park
  • Willow Glen
  • Los Gatos
  • Edenvale
  • West San Jose
  • North Valley
  • West Valley
  • Winchester
  • Robertsville
  • Seven Trees
  • Almaden Valley
  • Parker
  • Calero
  • Hidden Glen South
  • Alum Rock
  • Glider
  • Milpitas CA
  • Cupertino CA
  • Saratoga CA
  • Campbell CA

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