Stump Removal Service Near Greenwood Area

Is there an old stump in your yard? Want it gone?

Would you like to get started on it soon?

Maybe it’s time to get it dealt with.

Specialty Yard Assistance Around the North Side

When you’re having some issues with an old tree, a good place to start is with speaking to a professional in the Broadview area.

It’s simple to set up an appointment to get your yard worked on.

Affordable Greenwood Tree Stump Grinding Company

If you have an old tree that needs some attention, you could get somebody to drive over and handle it.

You just need to pick the date and time. Your team will take care of all the other steps.

Most lawn jobs are pretty clear-cut and get finished in a single short visit.

Grinding or Removal Projects

A big grinder is the way most stumps meet their maker.

A commercial stump grinding machine deliberately cuts into the remnants of an old tree until it has made it into a considerable load of wood chips.

In some instances, a grinder can’t reach all the roots.

Some old trees have root systems which stretch underneath a structure or sidewalk.

These roots may be getting in the way of underground pipes or they might be raising a section of asphalt or concrete.

Yanking those roots out is a complicated job, so it often ends up being performed with hand tools rather than a machine.

These jobs are more difficult, take longer and often cost more.

Greenwood Tree Stump Grinding Cost

Wondering how much this sort of thing costs?

The key cost factor is how long it takes.

Projects which take a whole day are more than ones that take just two hours.

The key factor, naturally, is simply just how big the old tree was.

Other variables might be involved as well. In some cases where the tree was planted is just as important.

For a more difficult removal project, cost mainly depends on how hard it will be to carry out.

Reasonable sized trees that are not wrapped around anything are typically handled with just a grinding machine.

But older trees with long root systems sometimes require a more complicated method.

A freshly fallen tree that is still partly in the ground is also a situation which will take additional time and effort.

A Friendly Phinney Ridge Stump Grinder

Many of these jobs are performed by small companies who are in the sole business of eliminating old stumps.

The remaining jobs are completed by landscaping services who do this along with other lawn tasks.

Either kind of business can help you out.

The Standard Steps

Your specialist will move their machine up near the tree.

Once in position, the operator will use the machine to gradually chip away at the previous tree and the roots.

It doesn’t take place fast. It should take a while to finish.

When it’s over, the remains of your tree have become a pile of soft wood chips.

Once it’s gone, you will probably want to fill up the shallow hole with some new dirt and a little grass seed.

Your Washington Tree Pro Prefers To Know a Few Things

  • Is there anything next to it – like a fence or other structure?
  • Has it been there for a while or newly cut?
  • What is the diameter of the stump?
  • Is it in a level area or a slope?
  • Is it hard to get to?
  • Does it have long roots that extend under a sidewalk or driveway?

During a short phone call, you can summarize your situation, maybe receive a friendly advice and a price estimate.

Do You Want to Do It?

If you would like to try doing it by yourself, you could rent a machine from a north side equipment rental store.

If you have just a minor stump you need to work on, maybe you could do it fine.

But a large tree, or one on a slope, should be left to somebody who has the experience and training to do it.

If you have to rent a grinder, be sure to understand how it operates.

Stay clear of the blade area and use eye protection.

Are There Chemicals I Could Try Instead?

There are chemicals that will soften up a cut tree over time. They don’t work too fast though.

You must make numerous deep holes into the old trunk.

You then put the chemical in and forget about it for a few weeks.

You can attempt to bust apart your stump eventually as it eventually rots and becomes softer.

You might have to repeat the process several times.

You can attempt burning it down, but that is something which is usually seen in the rural areas.

Property owners around most communities of Bitter Lake or North College Park are not in a position where they can have the roots of an older tree smolder for a day.

Manageable Appointments in Most Neighborhoods

Your local landscaping service can remove whatever you don’t want in your yard.

You just have to create the appointment.

Get assistance if you live close to Phinney Ridge, Broadview, North College Park or Bitter Lake.

Where Do I Begin?

The next step is easy – just make a call.

A few minutes on the phone will get all of your questions answered.

The quicker you call, the quicker it’s done.


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