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Affordable Stump Grinding Service Near Ontario or Chino

If you have an old tree that’s messing up your yard, you can do something about it.

Your landscaping contractor will take care of the whole job. You just have to pick the date.

Your specialist or crew will handle your project no matter how big or small it will be. All projects are important.

Removal Versus Grinding – What’s the Difference?

Some tree stumps and their roots must be removed, but most are simply ground up.

In most instances, a grinding machine is used to systematically slice away at the remains of an old tree. It will get the job done.

But once in a while, long old roots have pushed underneath a sidewalk or other structure. A grinder can’t be used on them.

These long roots actually need to be taken out somehow.

There is not a lot of room to operate, so it’s often done with hand tools.

This kind of jobs are slower and more difficult to get finished.

Cost of Tree Stump Removal In Upland and Ontario

Want to find out how much it will cost?

Project duration is usually the key price factor. Quick jobs are cheaper than longer ones.

Project duration is mainly dependent on the diameter of the stump and its biggest roots.

Size isn’t always the sole factor. Occasionally where the tree rests can be just as important.

Once a job looks complicated, the price estimate will include for the additional time.

Most old trees are in the center of a yard and can be handled by using a grinder.

But others have grown in a crowded spot and their roots have grown into spots they shouldn’t be in.

A newly fallen tree, especially if it is still partly in the ground, also will take more time and effort.

A Good Stump Grinder Near Chino Hills

There are two categories of companies that could remove your old tree.

First, there are specialists who do almost nothing but stump elimination.

But other jobs are handled by traditional landscaping services.

These crews can typically deal with any issue you have if it takes place in your yard.

Whichever sort of company you contact, they will manage it all for you.

So How Does it Work?

The process starts with your crew rolling their machine into position.

They turn it on and begin slowly slicing away at the trunk and the roots on the surface.

It takes a while to grind the trunk and roots up. It’s a gradual process.

When your crew is finished, you will see a load of wood chips where your tree once was.

Once it’s gone, you will probably want to fill in the hole with some new soil and some grass seed.

Things SoCal Grinders Want to Know

  • Is it on level ground or a slope?
  • Will it be hard to roll a machine next to it?
  • What is the approximate diameter of the stump?
  • Is it next to something – like a building or a utility pole?
  • Are there any roots extending beneath a sidewalk or driveway?
  • Is it an old decaying tree or newly fallen or cut?

Any of these six issues could impact how quick or hard your job could be. As well as how much your contractor may charge you for it.

Is This Kind of Job Difficult? Could I Do It Myself?

Many California outdoor equipment rental companies will rent you a grinder if you want to try it yourself.

If you have just a small stump you need to take out, maybe you would be able to do it alright.

But if your stump is sitting on a slope, is challenging to get to, or is really enormous, you should pass that job over to a specialist.

There is a little risk involved here.

The cutting disk is extremely sharp and spins rapidly. Bits of bark, roots and soil can get projected around. Be careful.

How About Chemicals or Burning It?

You can purchase a liquid that can soften up a stump.

It can take several applications and a lot of waiting though.

If you have the time to wait for it to work, you can purchase the chemicals and pour them into long holes which you drilled into the trunk.

You can ultimately attempt to dice it apart as it gets softer week by week.

A tall trunk will require several applications and extra time to decay.

Fire was once the way to get rid of an old trunk and the roots, but it isn’t a viable solution these days.

Most homeowners in suburbs around here aren’t very interested in using the burn method. It’s just not practical.

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