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Affordable Stump Grinding in Stockton

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Removal Jobs or Grinding Jobs

Most stumps are removed through a grinding process.

In most instances, a grinding machine is used to systematically chip away at the remnants of an old tree. It gets the job done.

In some cases, a grinder can’t get to all the roots.

Some old trees have root systems which extend under a structure or pavement.

Those roots may be getting in the way of underground pipes or they may be forcing up a section of asphalt or concrete.

Taking out the problem pieces of these roots is mostly a manual job.

Getting these roots taken out takes longer and it’s a tougher project to do.

Tree Stump Grinding Cost Near Stockton

Wondering how much this is gonna cost?

As you can imagine, price is essentially based on the anticipated length of the project.

The key indicator, as you might imagine, is the diameter of the stump and the exposed roots.

Larger takes more time.

Size is the primary factor, but it might not be the only one.

Maybe there is more than one cut or fallen tree to clear out.

In some yards, the old tree is in a tough spot, making it more difficult to work on.

Reasonable sized trees that are not wrapped around anything are frequently handled with just a grinder.

But old trees with long root systems sometimes need a more difficult method.

A newly fallen tree, particularly if it is still partly in the ground, also requires more time and effort.

An Affordable Lodi Stump Grinder

Many of these jobs are completed by companies who are in the sole business of disposing of old stumps.

But a lot of jobs are handled by landscaping companies who can address a variety of yard problems or circumstances.

Either way, you can get your circumstances taken care of.

How Does This Usually Work?

First, your specialist has to put their grinder into position. Then he starts it up and methodically begins to nick away at the leftover trunk and roots.

It’s a fairly gradual process. It takes a while to complete.

But in the end, your tree is changed into a pile of chips.

The process usually proceeds along fine, but sometimes issues arise.

A Few Questions You Might Be Asked

  • How large is this stump?
  • Are there long roots which go beneath a walkway or driveway?
  • Is it hard to get to it?
  • Has it been there for a while or recently fallen?
  • Is there something up against it – like a house or a fence?
  • Is the ground around it level?

During a quick phone call, you can describe your situation, receive a friendly advice and a price estimate.

Could I Do the Job By Myself?

If you are thinking about doing the work yourself, you can rent a grinder from an equipment rental store and take care of it on your own.

Some homeowners will attempt doing it by themselves as long as the old tree isn’t too big and it is not hard to get to.

But if yours was a big tree at one point, or it’s situated on a slope, maybe you should save it for someone else.

A commercial grinder can be hazardous. It’s sharp and not a toy.

Use it carefully.

Is There Another Way of Getting This Done?

If you are not in a rush and you don’t care what your neighbors think, you can apply a chemical substance to your old tree and wait for it to soften it.

It takes a long drill bit, some chemicals, plus some of your time and patience. It may be successful for you.

If the solution works, you’ll be able to some day break up sections of it with your axe as it degrades.

Tall standing trunks are going to require several applications.

Farmers used to burn stumps. These days, you won’t see it take place too much.

But most suburban homeowners aren’t in a position where they can try this.

It just isn’t a reasonable choice for them.

An Appointment With a San Joaquin Valley Pro

Your friendly lawn maintenance team is happy to provide you a bid for taking out a stump.

And you have flexibility in terms of booking the service as well.

Service appointments are available in the local communities such as near downtown, Country Club, Brookside, Bear Creek, Sherwoods Manor, Pacific, Lakeview, Lincoln Village West, Park, the Airport area, Seaport, Valley Oak, Morada, Weston Ranch, French Camp or up in Lodi.

Removals are also available down in the Manteca and Tracy area.

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