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Do you have a stump in your lawn? Want it taken care of?

Not interested in renting a machine and attempting it yourself?

You can talk about your situation with a local pro.

Specialty Lawn Assistance West of Portland

Speak with a Tigard company you can trust to do a good job.

You can arrange for an experienced lawn specialist to come by your house when it’s convenient for you.

Friendly and Affordable Beaverton Tree Stump Grinding

When you’re all ready to get started, it’s easy to do.

Your Beaverton crew or specialist will handle the entire operation. You only need to decide on the date.

Your specialist or small crew will work quickly and efficiently. Most jobs are totally done in one day.

Removal or Grinding Jobs

Most stumps will be handled with a grinder.

Some difficult situations require a different removal process.

The grinding approach uses a machine to make countless little cuts into the old tree and its roots until there is nothing left but a pile of chips.

In some cases, a grinder can’t reach all the roots.

Some old trees have root systems which extend under a structure or sidewalk.

Those roots might be getting in the way of underground plumbing or they could be pushing up a section of concrete or asphalt.

Yanking these old roots out is a job that relies on one or two individuals working mostly by hand.

Since these types of projects are more complicated, they will take longer to get completed.

Hillsboro Stump Grinding Cost

Uncertain what the cost is going to be?

When determining a job quote, most contractors consider how long the job will take them to complete.

The big factor, of course, is simply how big the old tree was.

There are other variables too. Where the old tree is located can be important.

In a few lawns, the old tree is in a bad location, making it more complicated to work on.

Certain roots need a lot of manual labor to take out; Other trees are easy to cut out with just a grinder.

If you have a tree that has recently fallen, these jobs often take longer too, particularly if it is still somewhat in the ground.

Help Near Tigard OR

Some of the local companies who do this sort of work don’t do much else other than stump removing.

But a lot of the jobs are also done by full-service landscaping services who have work crews that will take care of it for you.

Your yard will get taken care of whichever approach you decide to go with.

What You Might Expect at Your Home

First, your specialist has to get their grinder into position. Then he turns it on and methodically begins to chip away at the leftover trunk and exposed roots.

The whole procedure takes a while to complete.

In the end, you will have a nice pile of wood chips close to where the tree used to stand.

You will probably have a shallow indent once it’s finished.

You might expect to need some new soil to complete the process.

Your Oregon Tree Pro Prefers To Know a Few Things

  • Is the ground around it level?
  • Does it have long roots that extend under a driveway or sidewalk?
  • Is it an old decaying tree or newly fallen or cut?
  • Is there anything right next to it – like a house or a fence?
  • What are the dimensions of this stump?
  • How easy will it be to get to?

Once your tree service realizes your circumstances, they will supply you with a reasonable price estimate.

Maybe You Could Do It Yourself

If you would like to try doing the work on your own, you could rent a machine from a west Portland equipment rental store.

If your situation doesn’t look too difficult, maybe you could give it a try on your own.

But major stumps, substantial roots, or any tree that was growing on a hillside or slope, those jobs are for the experienced work crew.

If you need to rent a grinder, make sure you understand how it operates.

Stay clear of the cutting tool area and use eye protection.

Is There Any Solution That Doesn’t Use a Machine?

If you aren’t in a hurry, you can put chemicals on your old trunk which will soften it up.

You will have to drill deep holes in the trunk, pour the chemicals in and then wait.

You can eventually attempt to chop it apart as it becomes softer week by week.

A tall one will take numerous applications and extra time to decompose.

If you live way out by yourself, you might still try burning to soften it up.

It takes quite a while and you have to be careful with it.

These days, property owners in suburbs like Beaverton don’t have much of an interest in taking their old tree and having it burn for a day or more.

Set an Appointment for Your OR Lawn

You can receive a quote for taking out the remains of your old cut or fallen tree.

You just decide on the date that works best for you.

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