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Is it time to dig out that old tree stump in your yard?

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A Full-Service WA Landscaping Company Can Help

When you have a little trouble, you’re in luck because there’s a friendly service nearby.

A professional landscaper can examine your situation and then get it addressed it.

Affordable Central District Stump Grinding Company

If you have an old fallen or cut tree that’s messing up your yard, you can do something about it.

Your tree specialist will handle the entire job. You just need to pick which time works best for you.

Your specialist or small lawn crew will finish off your job quickly.

And with the smallest amount of mess too.

Grinding or Removal Jobs

The regular stump is frequently worked on by a big grinder.

Stumps and roots in difficult locations sometimes must be pulled out somehow.

The grinding procedure uses a machine to thoroughly chop up a tree and its roots into little chips.

But not all cases are easy.

Some big trees have large roots that have extended under homes or sidewalks. A grinding machine cannot reach them.

In order to get these problem roots out, it is a manual job for a person or two.

This type of jobs are slower to do and harder to get finished.

Cost of Stump Grinding In the Central District

Don’t know how much this type of job costs around here?

Extraction prices are generally based on how long the job will take to do.

And the main issue for establishing how long the job will take is the size of the stump.

More specifically, the diameter of the trunk and its roots.

Size isn’t always the only issue. The location of the fallen or dead tree can be important.

It’s often not too hard to provide a quote for most projects.

But the more challenging projects require a little more info.

Average sized trees that are not wrapped around anything are usually handled with only a grinder.

But old trees with long root systems sometimes need a more complicated technique.

A newly fallen tree that is still partially in the ground is also something that will require more time and effort.

A Good and Friendly Stump Grinder

There are two kinds of companies that might extract your old tree.

First, there are specialists who do almost nothing but stump eradication.

And the remaining jobs are completed by local landscapers who can work on all types of other yard issues.

Both types of service companies can take care of your issue.

The Common Process

Your expert or crew has to move their grinder next to the stump you want extracted.

They start it up and use it to gradually chip away at the remaining trunk and the top roots.

It’s not a rapid process. It takes a while to properly chip away at a hard trunk.

But it will end eventually when your old tree has been diminished to a pile of wood chips.

You can keep those wood chips or have them hauled away.

Your Potential WA Tree Pro Prefers To Know a Few Things

  • Is it up against something – like a house or a fence?
  • What is the size of the stump?
  • Is this a decaying tree or newly cut or fallen?
  • Are there any roots extending beneath a sidewalk or driveway?
  • Is it hard to get to it?
  • Is it on a hill?

Each of these questions might impact the price your contractor may charge.

Is This a Job I Could Do Myself?

You don’t have to call a pro. You could try doing it on your own if you feel up to it.

There should be an outdoor equipment rental store around your part of Seattle that will rent you a grinder.

If you think your old tree might not be too hard to take out – maybe you could try it.

But enormous stumps, significant roots, or any old tree that is sitting on a hillside or slope, those projects are for the experienced work crew.

Running a grinder isn’t without some risk.

The cutting blade is sharp. It turns quickly and can throw pieces of bark through the air.

Are There More Options?

If you aren’t in any hurry, you can use chemicals on your old tree trunk which will help it break down faster.

If you have the patience to wait for it to work, you can buy the chemicals and carefully pour them into deep holes which you drilled into the trunk.

You will eventually try to dice it up as it becomes softer week by week.

A taller one will take numerous applications and extra time to decay.

Fire once was the way to get rid of an old trunk and the roots, but it is not a reasonable remedy these days.

In areas such as Leschi or Madrona, most suburban homeowners do not view it as a very reasonable choice.

Get an Appointment When You Want It

You can get a quote for taking out the remains of that old tree.

You just select the date which works best for you.

Visits may be arranged for homeowners around Atlantic, Leschi or Madrona.

Not Sure Who to Talk With?

Wondering what the next step is? Just call.

You can talk it over with someone who will handle the entire process.

It doesn’t cost anything to talk it over.


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