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Affordable Lakemont Tree Stump Grinding Service

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Grind or Remove?

Past trees with problem roots sometimes need to be pulled out, but most are just ground up right where they were.

The grinding method uses a machine to systematically break up a tree and its roots into little chips.

In a few cases, a grinder can’t reach all the roots.

Some old trees have root systems which stretch under a structure or pavement.

These roots might be getting in the way of underground water lines or they may be raising a section of concrete or asphalt.

Those problem roots have to come out, but they are a more sensitive job, frequently done with hand tools.

These jobs are slower and often more challenging to do.

How Much is it to Remove a Stump Near Lakemont?

Wondering what companies charge for this around here?

Prices are based primarily on how much labor it will take to get the job finished.

The length of the job is often determined by the diameter of the stump and the roots.

Size might not be the only variable. The position of the fallen or dead tree may be important.

In a few lawns, the old tree is in a bad spot, making it harder to work on.

Average sized trees that are not interfering with anything are usually handled with just a grinding machine.

But older trees with long root systems require a more complicated method.

The age of the fallen tree might matter too. A really old trunk is easier to chip up than one which just fell.

If your tree is still partly in the ground, that makes getting it out even harder.

Professional Stump Grinder

Some of the companies who do this type of work don’t do anything else other than stump extraction.

But a lot of jobs are handled by local landscaping companies who could handle a variety of yard issues or situations.

Both types of service companies can take care of your problem.

This is the Way it Works

First, your specialist has to find a way to put their grinder into position.

He then turns it on and methodically begins to chip away at the leftover trunk and roots.

The whole procedure takes a while.

In the end, you will have a pile of wood chips near where the tree used to be.

Most removals result in a shallow hole, so you might want to throw in some new soil to level it off.

Some Tree Services Want to Know These Details When You Call

  • Is there something right next to it – like a fence or building?
  • Is it an old decaying tree or newly cut?
  • How wide is the stump?
  • Is it in a level area or a slope?
  • Can I get my machine up to it easily?
  • Are there problem roots which go beneath a walkway or driveway?

Any of these questions may impact the price your contractor may charge.

Maybe You Could Do It Yourself

You don’t have to call a pro. You could try doing it on your own if you feel up to it.

There should be an equipment rental store around you that will rent you a grinder.

If what you need to take out was once just a small tree, and it’s on a level spot, maybe you can do it.

But if it was a large tree at one time, or it’s on an uneven area, maybe you should save it for someone else.

If you need to rent a grinder, make sure to understand how it operates.

Stay clear of the cutting area and use eye protection.

Is There Any Solution That Doesn’t Use a Big Machine?

Using strong chemicals to gradually eat away at your stump may be an option if you aren’t in a hurry.

First you buy the chemical, then you drill a number of deep holes.

You pour the chemical into these holes. Your goal is to soften that old trunk up.

You can ultimately attempt to dice it up as it gets softer week by week.

A taller one will take several applications and extra time to decay.

If you live way out by yourself, you might still try burning to soften it up.

It takes quite a while and you need to be careful.

Around most big city areas, most suburban property owners don’t see it as a reasonable option.

Information About Your King County Yard

You can receive a quote for taking out the remains of the old cut or fallen tree.

You just select the date which works best for you.

How to Start

Thinking about what the first step is? Just call.

You can talk it over with somebody who will deal with the entire process.

Why not call and discuss it?


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