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Friendly and Affordable Citrus Heights Tree Stump Grinding

When it’s about time to get started, it’s not hard to do.

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All but the most tricky jobs are carried out in one day.

Difference Between Grinding and Removal

Most tree stumps are eliminated through grinding.

The grinding procedure uses a machine to methodically sliced up the tree and its roots into little chips.

But in some cases, roots have forced their way under a driveway or walkway and they can’t be reached with just a grinder.

In order to get these roots out, it’s usually a manual job for one person or two.

These jobs are more challenging, take more time and often cost more too.

Stump Removal Cost Near Roseville

Want to get a quote?

The leading cost factor is how long it’s going to take.

Projects which take a whole day are more than ones taking two hours.

The diameter of the trunk and roots of the tree are typically what determines how long the project is going to take.

Size might not be the only variable. The location of the dead or fallen tree can be important.

Most projects are not hard to offer an estimate for, but the trickier cases require a little more work.

Most old fallen trees just require a grinder; others have substantial roots which call for additional labor.

The age of the cut or fallen tree could matter too. A really old trunk is easier to cut up than a tree which just fell.

If your tree is still somewhat in the ground, that makes getting it out even harder.

An Experienced Folsom Stump Grinder

Lots of the stump removal jobs carried out in our area are done by people who focus on doing it.

But some homeowners call full-service landscaping services who will do the job.

These work teams have the experience to get it done too.

It will get addressed whichever way you decide to go.

How is a Fallen Tree Removed?

Your specialist will move their machine next to the tree.

Once it’s there, the operator will use their machine to steadily chip away at the old tree and the roots.

It takes some time to grind the trunk and exposed roots up. It’s a progressive process.

When he’s finished, you’ll see a load of wood chips where your tree once stood.

You will likely have a shallow indentation once it’s done.

You might expect to need some fill soil to complete the process.

A Few Questions You Might Be Asked

  • Is it on a slope?
  • Is it hard to get to it?
  • What are the dimensions of this stump?
  • Is there something up against it – like a house or a fence?
  • Are there problem roots which go beneath a sidewalk or driveway?
  • Is the tree old or has it just been taken down?

Each of these questions might impact the cost your contractor may charge.

Can a Typical Homeowner Do This?

If you want to try doing it yourself, you can rent a grinder from a northeast Sacramento equipment rental store.

If you think your old tree might not be too hard to chip up – maybe you could give it a go.

But a big tree, or one on a slope, ought to be left to someone who has the experience and training to do it.

Using a grinder isn’t without risk.

The blade is sharp. It moves forcefully and can throw bits of bark through the air.

Are There Chemicals I Could Use Instead?

While they don’t work rapidly, there are chemical solutions you can apply which will soften up a dead tree trunk.

You will have to drill big holes in the trunk, pour the chemical solution in and then wait.

If it all works out well, at some point that old tree will become a bit weaker so you can begin busting it up with your axe.

It will take quite a while to get results.

Farmers used to burn down stumps. Nowadays, you don’t see it happen too much.

Most property owners in suburbs around here aren’t very interested in using a burn method.

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