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Friendly and Affordable South Tacoma Tree Stump Grinding

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Removal or Grinding – Is There a Difference?

Some stumps and their roots must be grabbed and removed, but most are simply ground up where they are.

The grinding process uses a machine to methodically break up the tree and its roots into small wood chips.

But a few situations are more complicated.

Some old trees have extensive roots that stretch under structures or pavement.

They could start disturbing underground plumbing or forcing up walk ways.

Those roots have to come out, but they are a more delicate project, usually done with hand tools.

Since these kind of projects are much harder, they will take longer to get finished.

Cost of Tree Stump Removal or Grinding In South Tacoma

Wondering what companies charge for this type of work around Pierce County?

Prices are primarily based on how much labor it should take to get the job done.

And the chief aspect for understanding the expected length of the project is the diameter of the visible stump and its roots.

Additional factors could come into play as well. Sometimes where the old stump sits can be just as important.

In certain situations, the position of the fallen tree or the roots determines the length of time the project will take.

Most old trees just need a grinder; others have considerable roots which require additional labor.

Sometimes, the age of the tree matters too.

A tree that has recently been cut down, or one that has just come down will take longer to chop up than an old dry one which has already decayed some.

An Experienced Stump Grinder for Your Project

A good portion of these projects are completed by small companies who are in the business of getting rid of these old trees.

The remaining jobs are completed by landscaping companies who do this along with other lawn tasks.

Both kinds of companies could help you out.

What You Might Expect at Your Yard

Your contractor will have to position their grinder next to your stump.

They start it up and methodically chip away at it.

It takes some time to grind the trunk and roots up. It’s a progressive process.

When your specialist is finished, you will see a load of fresh wood chips where your tree once stood.

It’s likely you will need some extra dirt to help fill up the area where the roots were.

A Few Questions You Might Get Asked

  • Does it have roots that extend beneath a sidewalk or patio?
  • Is there anything right next to it – like a house or some utility lines?
  • Is the tree old or newly cut or fallen?
  • Is it hard to get to?
  • Is it on level ground or a slope?
  • What is the diameter of the stump?

After they learn about your situation, they will provide you with a plan on how to get it handled.

Want to Do It Yourself?

You can probably find a nearby lawn equipment company who will rent you a grinder for the day.

If your stump is not too large, and it’s in a level spot, and you want to try working on it yourself, why not?

But if it was a major tree at one time, or it’s positioned on an uneven area, maybe you should leave it for someone else.

If you’re planning to rent a grinder, be cautious.

The cutter area is sharp and it can also launch pieces into the air.

Are There Any Other Options?

Using strong chemicals to slowly eat away at your stump can be an option if you aren’t in a rush.

You drill plenty of deep holes in the trunk, pour in the chemicals and then forget about it for a while.

If the application works, you’ll be able to one day split up sections of it with your axe as it weakens.

Tall standing trunks will take several applications.

Before we had tree grinders, farmers would burn their stumps.

It works, but it isn’t too practical these days.

Most local property owners, however, aren’t in a position to use the burning strategy.

It’s simply not a realistic choice for most.

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