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Finally ready to get rid of that old stump?

Wish you knew somebody who could take it out for you?

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Affordable Lawn Service Around Western Washington

If it’s time to dig out the remains of that old tree, there’s somebody who will do it right.

An experienced landscaper can examine your property and then take care of it.

Affordable Tree Stump Grinding Near Wilburton

If you have an old tree that needs some work, you can get somebody to stop by and deal with it.

You pick the date that works for you. Your landscape company does the rest.

Your local professional frequently has the job done in one visit.

Removal or Grinding Jobs

Most tree stumps and their roots are dealt with by a machine grinding process.

In most instances, a grinding machine will be used to gradually chew away at the remains of an old and unwanted tree. It will get the job done.

Some circumstances are harder.

Sometimes old trees have developed long roots which stretch under a structure or sidewalk.

They might be forcing up concrete or disturbing water pipes.

These problem roots need to be removed somehow.

There is not much room to work in, so it’s regularly done with hand tools.

These more complicated projects are slower to do, take more time and often cost more too.

Stump Removal Cost In Wilburton

Want to learn more about the usual cost of this job?

The duration of the job is the main cost component. Long jobs are higher in price than fast ones.

Completion time is mostly determined by the diameter of the remaining stump and its roots.

Size isn’t always the only issue. The position of the old tree can be important too.

Once a job becomes complicated, the price estimate will include for the additional time.

Average sized trees that are not interfering with anything are usually handled with just a grinding machine.

But old trees with long root systems sometimes require a more complicated approach.

A very old tree can be much easier than one that has recently fallen.

And if the tree is still somewhat in the ground, then it is more difficult still.

Talk With a Professional Stump Grinder

A good portion of these projects are completed by small companies who are in the business of eliminating these old trees.

The other jobs are completed by yard services who do all the other landscaping work too.

Both types of companies will resolve your problem.

This is the Way it Works

Your service provider will position their machine up near the tree.

Once in place, the operator will use their machine to progressively chip away at the previous tree and the roots.

The whole procedure takes a while.

In the end, you will have a nice pile of wood chips close to where the tree used to be.

You may need a little new soil to fill in the area where it was.

Your Prospective Northwest Professional Wants to Know a Few Details

  • How large is this stump?
  • Does it have long roots which go under a sidewalk or street?
  • Is it hard to get to it?
  • Has the tree been down for a long time or recently fallen?
  • Is there anything next to it – like a fence or building structure?
  • Is it on a slope?

During a brief phone call, you can describe your situation, receive a friendly advice and a price estimate.

Could the Typical Homeowner Try Doing This?

You could likely locate a rental company that will rent you a grinder for a day.

If you have just a smaller stump you want to take out, maybe you would be able to do it alright.

But if your project was once a big tree, or it’s sitting on a slope or hill, maybe you should not try doing it. Leave it to somebody else.

If you opt to rent a grinder – be careful. Learn how it works and move slow.

Don’t hurry and don’t try anything you don’t feel comfortable with.

How About Chemicals or Burning It?

If you aren’t in a hurry and you aren’t concerned with what your neighbors think, you can apply a chemical solution into your old tree and wait for it to weaken it.

You need to drill several deep holes in the trunk, pour in the chemicals and then don’t think about it for quite a while.

You hope that the chemical solution will eventually weaken the trunk enough that you could break it up with your axe.

Fire was once the best way to get rid of an old trunk and the roots, but it isn’t a reasonable answer these days.

Most homeowners in suburbs around Bellevue aren’t much interested in using a burn method.

Call for More Info or an Appointment

A qualified technician has the expertise and equipment to get it done.

You just need to call.

Regularly cleaning up lawns close to Woodbridge.

Fixing Your Issue

You can talk with an expert in your area.

You can get your questions answered. Learn more about the process.

It takes just a couple of minutes to move forward.


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